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Stay ahead with crypto alerts and price notifications supporting 100,000+ cryptocurrencies, including the giants Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Crypto Price Alerts - Never Miss an Opportunity Again!

We support over 100+ exchanges and provide precise execution and security, so you never miss a movement again.

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Designed for Developers

Real-Time and Historical Web3 APIs from 100+ Exchanges & 1,000,000+ Currencies

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Easy-to-Use APIs

Streamline your work and save time by leveraging our unified Web3 APIs. Easily build and integrate the features you need from one platform.

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Battle-Tested Reliability

Our highly scalable and redundant systems guarantee 99.99%+ uptime. Giving you the assurance and stability needed to keep your systems running.

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Build on Abyiss

Supercharge your app with Abyiss. Empowering you to build custom backend integrations or interfaces with ease, regardless of your expertise.

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Decentralized Exchange Data

Access decentralized exchange data from 6 blockchains, including Uniswap, with our Blockchain APIs. Quickly and efficiently ship your app with unlimited real-time data.

Use Our APIs

Start integrating our Web3 and Blockchain APIs to power your applications.

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