About Abyiss

Abyiss was founded in 2020, together we set out to build software that would help people gain leverage in the financial markets. Today, we offer products for people in cryptocurrency ranging from financial data to tools and much more. Abyiss believes the faster the world adopts blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies the better the future will be.

Throughout our journey, we realized that major innovation needs to take place in order to support the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. The legacy financial system has very little infrastructure in place to actually support this adoption. We understand that cryptocurrency will have an enormous impact on the way money works across the world.

Our Mission

Help everyone create wealth by empowering
people through crypto, technology
and education.

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What Sets Abyiss Apart

Today Abyiss sits in the space between both crypto and legacy finance. Offering top of the line data to help our customers gain leverage within the markets. Our platform combines the best features from both cryptocurrency and the legacy financial system, while also creating incentives and tools for our customers to adopt and build on top of this technology.

At the end of the day, we are a team of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is just the beginning for us, we will continue to make our products accessible and affordable to more and more people. Ultimately accelerating the advent of cryptocurrency around the world, building a better future for everyone.


We pride ourselves on being innovative, truthful, and transparent. Every day we work to further learn and innovate our technology, to increase the accessibility of decentralized finance, with the goal of leaving the world better than we found it.

  • Ethics

Ethics are held to the highest standard at our company.

  • Knowledge is Power

Understanding that knowledge is power allows us to learn something new from every person we encounter.

  • Diversity

Diversity is key within anything in life. We are not all the same and that’s our greatest strength.

  • Customer Focused

If you focus on the customer, all else will follow.

  • Educate & Give Back

Educating and giving back to our community sets us apart from the rest.

Our Team

Drew Gillen - Abyiss

Drew Gillen

Co-Founder & CEO

Zach Robert - Abyiss

Zach Robert

Co-Founder & CTO

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