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We are here to help you achieve long-term success in crypto! Guiding you through complex topics like token economics, exchange listings, and more.

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Success Strategies For You

Abyiss provides clarity and guidance on token economics, exchange listings, liquidity management, and token utility.

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What We Do

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Token Consutling

Design effective token economics models that align with your goals and maximize long-term growth. Promoting user adoption and incentivize network participation.

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Liquidity Management

Protect your investment and secure your tokens with our liquidity lock solutions, designed to provide you with greater peace of mind and security.

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Token Listings

We can help you navigate the complex process of listing your crypto token on popular exchanges, providing you with the resources and support you need to succeed.

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Crypto Consutling

Our team of experts can guide you through the process of creating a crypto token and help you design a robust governance structure to ensure long-term growth.

What Our Clients Say

And that's just a few

I really appreciate the work of Abyiss. They helped me in finding the right projects and explained to me more about how exchanges work. Believe me when I say they are the best at their job, and I normally don’t get impressed quickly.

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Ethan Chronis
Blockchain Advisor

Abyiss is great to work with and the team is very responsive. Their robust market data APIs are easy to use, allowing us to integrate accurate and reliable crypto data into our products. They are among the best in the crypto space for API services.

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Samuel Safahi
CEO, Candle Labs

Their API is top-notch and they are constantly striving to enhance their product through customer feedback. With their help, we have seamless integration and are able to stream hundreds of cryptocurrencies with low latency on AWS.

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Founder, Algoya

Crypto APIs & Data

Real-Time and Historical Crypto Data

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Easy-to-Use APIs

Streamline your work and save engineering time by leveraging our unified crypto APIs. Easily build and integrate the crypto features you need from one platform.

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Battle-Tested Reliability

Our highly scalable and redundant systems guarantee 99.99%+ uptime. Giving you the assurance and stability needed to keep your systems running.

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10,000+ Cryptocurrencies

Get real-time and historical crypto data from 100+ exchanges and 10,000+ cryptocurrencies. Real-time prices, DEX data, market liquidity, and more.

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Unlimited Real-Time Data

With unlimited real-time data and quick setup times. Abyiss allows you to ship quickly and efficiently. Without the need to worry about data limitations.

Real-Time Alerts

Never miss an opportunity again - get real-time alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 100,000+ cryptocurrencies.

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Use Our APIs

Start integrating our Crypto and Blockchain APIs to power your applications.

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